Primogenitus Daemonium pt. 1 "Infernum In Terra"

by Daemonos

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Primogenitus Daemonium pt. 1 "Infernum In Terra" is the first Demo/EP from Dutch Blackened Death Metal band Daemonos. With this Demo/EP the band succeeds in combining the brute sheer force of Death Metal with the atmospheric style/sound of Black Metal.


released September 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Daemonos Grevenbicht, Netherlands

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Track Name: Eligos
Eligor, demonlord
Marching forth, scarring earth

Sixty legions of demons
Under his command to rule
As the great duke of Hades
He wages wars so utmost cruel

Eligos, knight on a horse
Deadly hordes, slaying all

His winged steed an endowment from Bael
From the ashes of Eden revived
From this beasts back he roars, commands
Until all enemies have died

Gather my legions
Prepare for battle
Leave none alive

Eligor, conquerer
Shall enthral, surmount all

Track Name: Inhuman
Injection forced into the skin
Green mass disappears inside
A horrendous experiment
No human feeling left alive

Trapped inside this hole
Delusions appear before his eyes
A vile putrid fate awaits
While emotions are cast aside

Liquid toxin starts to boil inside
Bone structure changing form
Deformed until mutation complete
Destined to be a killing machine

Abandoned by those who once loved, left alone

Locked into a cell
Unconscious but yet awake
A sick morbid transformation
He can’t but give in

His memory erased, created to protect this place

Not to be recognized
Shaped as the white wolf
Gen successfully been mutated
He now has been awakened
Track Name: Lucifer
I emerge from the depths with infernal rage
On my command endless wars will engage
Torment and pain is all I shall bring
There’ll be no salvation, I will be crowned king

On a throne drenched in blood I will reign
What, how dare you say that I am vain
I’ll assure that your nightmares won’t cease
My king, I beg you, make it end please

I spew forth the fire from my smoldering tongue
It cuts through the skies like a blazing sun
Hail made of flames as ashes rain down
Hail your new god now behold my thorned crown

I have eclipsed the sun’s blinding light
As on my blackened wings I took flight
Cast down from above, banished by God
Betrayed by my lord I now thirsted for blood

And this thirst can never be sated
Only suppressed by destroying Gods creation
So now beg for your miserable end
God, we beg you, please give us your death
Track Name: Apostasy
Lord, I ask thy help
Not for my own, but for my son

Sinned, souls fade away
But I was faithful, I ask resurgence!

God, what have you done?
I asked forgiveness, for my son

Now, he’s fallen to corruption
Destined to walk the plains of unforgiven

I have renounced my faith

To reunite to see my son, I must defile
Defile all that is right, all what I’ve prayed for
All of gods creation

Now I have become
That which disgust me
Lunacy, all ‘cause god betrayed us
Mutilate all that’s innocent

Only to see my son amongst the dead
The heartless, mindless puppets
Shaped by misfortune
No emotions but hatred for divine
Track Name: War
What’s left to break, on a battlefield like hell
What do we do, to hold them back?
They have to die

Don’t let them break through the frontlines, attack
Push them back, in their forsaken hell they call home

I want their heads, on a spear or a sword
Hear their last breath and enjoy their misery and death

We failed to defend
Our families and friends
Everything is lost
This is the end